ETA Automatic Optical Inspection SMT On-line AOI ETA-600


ETA-600 is on-line multi-function SMT AOI machine,imported Screw guide,high precision,the

color change color 3CCD camera to accurately identify the various components of the total

 0201 detection ability


1.Fast programming design,Multi program running,Multi application design,High precision,High NG output.

2.Automatic barcode reading,Intellectralized coaxial light design,Multi mark(Bad Mark included).

3.Seamless connection between SPC and AOI,take measures to avoid problem according to the

 feedbacks,control the quality in time. 4.Using coaxial four-level illumination to make the part in the best

 status of brightness and softness,

5.High precision intellectualized camera read the barcode auto matically,with high speed and clearer


6.Good stability(GR&R<10% @6 Sigma,CPK>1.33(Test deviation accuracy less than ±0.25mm.

 Automatic Optical Inspection

ETA Automatic Optical Inspection SMT On-line AOI ETA-600 2

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