ETA Industrial Pure Water Machine ETA-DI250


DI-250 industrial pure water machine is the integration of aquatic deionized life, machine of

 250 litres per

hour DI water, in accordance with the composition function is divided into the pretreatment

 system, RO

 reverse osmosis system, MB bed system in three parts.

Raw water tank→Multi-media filter pump (quartz sand filter)→Activated carbon filter (add

 scale inhibitor

 unit)→Precision Filters→a high-pressure pump reverse osmosis (RO) device→UV

 disinfection equipment

 (ozone sterilization device)→Pure water.


1,The RO water purifier adopts current advanced RO system , the output water is pure and no


2,The desalinization ratio is 98% ,recovery 50%-75%. The whole system can get rid of

 bacterial virus ,

 heavy metal ion. radioactive elements, organic pollutant at 99.99%,95%, 99%,95% , the

 quality of water

 sweet ,clean. Also get rid of poison harmful materials in source water , such as four

 chlorination carbons,

 benzenese, hydrocarbon, agrochemical, and lead, mercury ,chrome ...etc other radioactive

 element all Be tested a limit the following.

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