ETA PCBA Cleaning Machine ETA-5600

1.Through clean rosin flux, water-soluble flux, non-clean flux, solder paste and other organic and

 inorganic contaminations. 

2.2-layers cleaning basket: 610mm(L) ×560mm(W) × 100mm(H) x2 layers.

3.State of the process is visible through a large observation window.

4.Clean detergent heat system heat cleaning detergent to a certain temp, raise cleaning efficiency and

 reduce clean time.

5.Easy operation interface, quick setting clean parameters. Different passwords can be set.

6.Inner filter makes detergent used repeated. Real-time measure DI water resistivity and monitoring

 cleaning effect. Resistivity range is 0~18 MΩ.

7.The remaining detergent in the pump and pipes are blown off by compressed air and flow back to

 cleaning tank. This function saves detergent up to 50%.

8.High standard cleanliness, ionic contamination completely meets the requirement of IIPC-610D I class.

9.Totally SUS304 structure, very firm and attractive.

ETA PCBA Cleaning Machine ETA-5600


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