ETA Automatic Multi Group Blades LED Cutting Machine AMV

1. Separating the whole light bar board one time, high-efficient cutting machine


2. The machine adopts the computer screen control with a counting device, which you can use

 to preset the processing production. And the space of cutting tool is visible on the screen.

3. It can cut many boards with multiple sets of knives work at the same time.

4. The blade flywheel is adjustable as a whole from 0 to 5mm

5. The distance between blade is regular as well, applying to PCB with width from 15mm to


6. The blade is make of imported SKH51 high speed steel material, which is durable and have

 a long service life.

7. It is convenient to adjust the cutting speed through rotary knob.

8. No limits of the cutting length.

9. With a conveyor belt line, the separated PCB can be send out directly to reduce pick-and-

place machine.

10.The machine adopts multiple blade to separate PCB with simple operation and high

 efficiency, fitted for batch production.

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