ETA Guillotine Type PCB V-cut Machine

1.For internal strength generates during separation,Minimize it to value under 180uE,to avoid

solder crack or component damage.

2.Able to separate edge of V-slot,minimum distance to component is 0.3mm,and max height of

 component is 60mm.

3.Free sanding on Blade when it is worn.

4.Cutting speed is one cut per second,controlled by pneumatic foot-plate switch. 

5.Blade activated negative,separation route and position in control safely.

6.No rotation separation,no drive by motor,no carbon or dust pollution. 

7.Sepatation is not realized by friction,so no obvious metal residue left.

8.Life is over 6000000 times.

9.Professional Guillotine type Automatic PCB V-cut Machine for FR4 Board.

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