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Selective Wave Soldering Machine

❙ Introduce of Selective Wave Soldering Machine

ETA SS-330 series off-line selective wave soldering is a high-quality machine developed and designed in Japan and assembled in China. It has been used in many Japanese enterprises and has been recognized by customers.

Selective wave soldering is a special form of wave soldering invented to meet the development requirements of through-hole components welding. It is mainly suitable for the soldering of through-hole components in high-end electronic products. For example: military electronic products, automotive electronics, switching power supply products and other industries which require higher soldering reliability.
SS330 selective wave soldering is a high performance equipment developed in Japan and assembled in China.
1, Spray control: computer control or manually adjust switch, precise control the spray time, spray speed, economy and environmental protection, digital FLUX flow, spray flow, angle, density, width and other parameters can be recorded.
2, User-friendly design: fault detection (such as heaters abnormal alarm, etc.), regular maintenance reminders, economy functions, emergency manual transmission function and tool-free maintenance, reduce equipment failure rates.
3, Core components: using imported components to ensure long-term stability of equipment operation.
4,It can control the solder quantity, soldering time and solder quantity of each solder spot.
5, Program creation is simple, using pictures or Gerber data to make production program.
6, Nozzle can be selected according to the size of soldering point, and there is no need for fixture to protect non solder parts.
7, Energy saving, low power consumption, 2kw working power, 16kg solder pot, low material input cost,Solder slag less than 200g/ 8h.

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❙ Specification of Selective Wave Soldering Machine

Model I.C.T SS-330F (Flux Spraying Machine)
Flux Storage Tank
Flux Support
Flux Alarm, Automatic
Spray Nozzle
Japan ST-6SK
Spray Precision
Moving Speed
Spray Height Adjustment
Manual(Adjustment Range:20±5mm)
Spray Flow Control
Electronic Flow Meter
Exhaust Capacity
ETA SS-330S (Selective Soldering Machine)
Control Motor
PC+ Microcomputer Controller
Nozzle Inner Diameter
Φ 4-20mm
Max. Wave Height
Wave Height Control
Step Motor RPM
Solder Pot
SUS316+ Surface Treatment
Solder Capacity
16 kg
Heating Tube Quantity
6 pcs
Max. Temperature
Warm-up Time
Approx.40min (setting 270°C)
PCB Size
50*50 ~ 250*330mm(380*460 Optional)
PCB Top Clearance
100 mm
PCB Bottom Clearance
35 mm
PCB Weight
5 kg
PCB Thickness
Clearance from PCB edge 5 mm
Transport Height
850 ±25mm
Purity of N2: 99.99%, 0.4~0.5 MPa,25 L/min, Outer diameter Φ6mm
Air Pressure
Power Supply
220±10%, 50/60HZ, 3.5Kw
Approx.: 260kg

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