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Industry Introduction

LED flip chip refers to the chip that can be directly bonded with ceramic substrate without welding wire. We call it DA chip. It is different from flip chip which still needs welding wire when flip chip is transferred to silicon or other material substrates in the early stage. Compared with traditional forward chip, traditional flip chip which is bonded by metal wire faces up while flip crystal is connected with substrate. The electrical side of the chip is down, which is equivalent to turning over the traditional chip.

Process Characteristics

Advantages of Flip Chip

1. No heat dissipation through sapphire, good heat dissipation performance. Flip-chip has lower thermal resistance because the active layer is closer to the substrate, which shortens the heat flow path from the heat source to the substrate. This characteristic makes the performance of flip-chip decrease slightly from lighting to thermal stability.

Second, in terms of luminescence performance, the high current drive makes the light efficiency higher. Flip-chip has superior current scalability and ohmic contact performance. Flip-chip voltage drop is generally lower than traditional and vertical structure chips, which makes flip-chip very advantageous under high current drive, showing higher light efficiency.

3. Under the condition of high power, flip chip is more secure and reliable than forward chip. In LED devices, especially in high-power, Lens packaging (except for the traditional shielded shield lumen structure), more than half of the dead lamp phenomenon is related to the damage of gold wire. Flip chip can be packaged as Gold-free wire, which reduces the probability of device dead lamp from the source.

Fourthly, the size can be smaller, the cost of product maintenance can be reduced, and the optics can be more easily matched. At the same time, it also lays a foundation for the development of the subsequent packaging process.

Product Advantage

I.C.T patented technology: Impulsive forced hot air circulation system, with world-class uniform temperature and heating efficiency.

All temperature zones are heated up and down, circulated independently and controlled independently. The accuracy of temperature control in each temperature zone is (+ C).

Excellent temperature uniformity. The transverse temperature deviation of the bare plate surface is (+) C.

The front and back circulation return air design can effectively prevent the influence of air flow in the temperature zone and the temperature zone, strengthen the temperature control and ensure the uniform heating of components.

Furnace is made of stainless steel, heat and corrosion resistant, easy to clean.


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