Automatic Axial Insertion Machine for JUKI Chip Mounter

Automatic Axial Insertion Machine for JUKI Chip Mounter

Radial Insertion Machine18000 CPH 

Highest reliability in the industry (1000 ppm) 

Component replenishment without machine stoppage Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload 

Configurable sequencer (In-Line or Straight-Back) 

Multiple clinch options 

Component Verifier 

Simple-to-use operator environment with graphical user interface

01 Radial Insertion Machine S3020

Highest Throughput 

• 18,000 CPH Spec Speed  

-Strong Machine Flexibility

• Expandable from 20 inputs up to 100 inputs 

• Inserts at 1 degree increments up to 360 degrees 

• Inward clinch option to increase bottom side density 

- Lowers Cost of Ownership 

• Low Energy costs. 

• Minimal preventative maintenance required.  

- Easy to Use User Interface 

• Easy operation, use Excel program and USB input.  

• Off-line programming available 

• Components available: Capacitors (electrolytic, ceramic, box, and film), transistors,  diodes, LEDs, connectors, tact switches, coils, potentiometers, lamps, fuses, etc  

Consistent throughput, regardless of component type or lead span Offers a stand alone machine  without a pass-through PCB conveyor. Allows the work board holder to accept up to 4 window’s  Delivers a PCBA transfer time of zero.

02 Radial Insertion Machine S3020

Tooling to accommodate a variety of applications-field reconfigurable 

Single Span: 2.5mm                  Dual Span: 2.5mm/5.0mm               Triple Span: 2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm

03 Radial Insertion Machine S3020

360 Degrees Insertion Angel 

Radial: Insertion heads are servo-driver for precise and  rapid component insertion. The insertion tooling may be  rotated from 0 degree to 360 degrees in 1 degree  increments.

04 Radial Insertion Machine S3020

2.5mm Span Standard Configuration Achieves High Density for tight LED & small applications. 

2.5mm span guide jaw with minimal width. - Inward clinch option to increase bottom side density 

- Prevents shorting during wave soldering. Special asymmetric angles are also available on request.


06 Radial Insertion Machine S3020


Actual Speed 18000 CPH
Feeders 20
Accurancy ±0.05mm
Plug-in Angle 0-360°
Lead Spacing 2.5mm/ 3.0mm/ 3.5mm / 5.0mm/ 7.5mm
Power Supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ,2Kw
Dimension(mm) L1700*W1500*H1000
Weight Approx:2100kg

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I.C.T is the SMT machine supplier with professional 25-year-experienced sales and after sales team, providing SMT solutions including pick and place machinereflow oven, SMT stencil printer, SMT line and wave soldering machine.

We also provide the best SMT technical services and accessories support for JUKI, HANWHA/SAMSUNG, YAMAHA, PANASONIC pick and place machine.

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Q: What we can do for you?
A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.


Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.


Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.


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A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.


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A: Huawei,Foxconn,Vtech,Sumida,Kemet,Vishay,Bosch,Canon.


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A: Leading SMT Supplier in China; Trade assurance to USD 560,000+; Professional after-sales service team.

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