JUKI Full-auto SMT Line of Kazakhstan Partner


JUKI Full-auto SMT Line of Kazakhstan Partner

In 2021, when this customer was planning to expand their factory, they contacted I.C.T. The customer discussed their project with us, which involved the production of communication industry products such as two-way radios and smart GPS wearable devices. Through active communication between our professional engineers and the customer, taking into account their future production capacity, we customized suitable full-automatic JUKI SMT Line and DIP Line for the customer. This included equipment such as solder paste mixer, SMT Stencil Printer, SMT PCB loader/unloader, JUKI Pick and Place Machine, L8 reflow oven, PCB conveyors, DIP insertion line, W2 Wave Soldering Machine, wave loader, wave unloader, belt assembly line, and offline selective soldering machine.

In February 2023, our engineers arrived in Kazakhstan to provide comprehensive technical support to the customer.

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