Smart Home Product Full-auto JUKI SMT Line


Smart Home Product Full-auto JUKI SMT Line

In 2018, our Russian client reached out to us for the first time and in 2019, they purchased our full-automatic SMT Production Line and DIP line equipment for educational purposes within their university, aiming to train more SMT engineers.

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In 2022, after conducting market research in Kazakhstan, they decided to establish a new factory in the region for the production of smart home products. They also approached the I.C.T team to discuss this new case. Considering the client's requirements and future development strategy, we provided them with a turnkey SMT solution tailored specifically to their needs.

The equipment includes, but is not limited to, SMT PCB loader unloader, full-auto PCB printer, 2 JUKI RS-1R chip mounter (Double sides), PCB Reflow Oven, PCB conveyor, automatic insertion line, DIP wave soldering machine, wave loader, wave unloader, etc.

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