LED LENS Project Successfully Delivered- SMT Production Line


LED LENS Project Successfully Delivered

In this successful Case, we provided a brand new SMT Production Line tailored specifically for LED lens production to our Malaysian customer.

smt line.jpg

The SMT production line equipment is a comprehensive and efficient solution, including a semi-auto printer, SMT conveyor system, an online LED LENS dispensing machine, a Samsung pick and place machine, a Bowl feeder, a Samsung original feeder, an 8-zone reflow soldering machine, and a cooling conveyor, among other key components. The integration of these devices offers our client a highly intelligent and flexible production line, enabling them to meet the diverse production requirements for different LED lens products.

Our expert I.C.T engineer, Lucas, traveled to Malaysia on July 15th to conduct on-site installation and machine debugging, ensuring that the equipment was installed accurately and guaranteeing the smooth operation of the production line.

reflow oven.jpg

In addition to the machine installation and debugging, Lucas provided comprehensive training to the client's operators, enabling them to proficiently utilize this advanced SMT production line. The training covered equipment operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and other aspects, empowering the client's team to grasp the essentials quickly, ensuring efficient production in the future.

As a professional content provider in the SMT industry, I.C.T will continue to offer the highest quality SMT Solutions and services to our global clients. We look forward to collaborating with more clients in the future.