LED Digital Billboards Production Line in U.S


LED Digital Billboards Production Line in U.S

In 2017, when CIRRUS built their new factory in New Hampshire, United States, they reached out to our company, ICT. Initially, they purchased some SMT magazines from us. As their market expanded, their needs grew, and they subsequently purchased SMT Handling Machine, traceability devices, and laser marking machines from us. Recently, they placed an order for a PCBA coating production line, which includes the following components: PCB Coating machine, Loader and Unloader, UV Curing Oven, SMT Conveyors, etc.

We customized this PCBA coating line specifically for CIRRUS to meet their requirements for high quality, efficiency, and reliability. Our partnership with CIRRUS has always been built on mutual trust and shared growth. We are committed to providing them with advanced solutions and assisting them in maintaining a leading position in the digital billboard industry.


smt pcb unloader.jpg

PCB Handling Machine.jpg