Russia (Rubetek) Smart Appliances Customer


❙  Customer - Orel, Russia Rubetek

❙  Cooperation time - 2018 year

❙  Project - Smart appliances

❙  Solutions - Full automatic SMT production line

SMT Line: full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, JUKI pick and place machine RS-1, reflow oven.

DIP Line: insertion line, wave soldering machine, wave loader and unloader, assembly line.

On Dec 18th, 2019, ETA engineer Romeo went to Russia to install and train SMT production line and DIP line purchased from ETA. and to solve production problems and provide professional technical support for customers.   

SMT Line.jpg SMT Production Line.jpg 

JUKI Pick and Place Machine.jpg Reflow Soldering Oven.jpg

PCB Loader.jpg SMT AOI.jpg